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Current Winter Hours

Monday - Thursday: 11-6

Friday - Saturday: 10-7

Sunday: 12-5

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Come visit us in Downtown Woodstock, Georgia!

Many of our items are displayed on our store floor daily! We actually put clothes out on the floor BEFORE putting them online (about 1-2 week delay). 

So if you're in the area, stop in!


 Parking can be a problem in Downtown. 

If necessary, you can do a few things: 

1. There is a 15 min parking spot in front of our store, you can use that. 

2. You can park on side of building in commercial, put flashers on and come pick up. (Please do NOT shop too while in this spot, only for quick pickup). 

3. Call us when you're in front of store, and we will run out with your order :)