About Madi Ave

About us:

madisonn ave. opened in Woodstock, Georgia in 2016. It's become one of the top-rated children's boutiques in Georgia and growing. 

The goal of the store is simple --- make your child feel special with what they wear. 

inside of maddy ave

It's easy to go to a big box store and pick out an $8 dress that every other girl at the school owns. For everyday living, we actually recommend it. (I buy many of those!)

But, when it's a time for my girls to feel special, madisonn ave. always had something. Whether for the first day of school, Sunday wear, holidays, family photos, a birthday party, a celebratory dinner...

madisonn ave. is the #1 place I'd go. You can't find these types of clothes anywhere else. 

Literally, people from Florida, South Carolina, Alabama drive to our store to say "They don't have a store for my girls like yours."

We have customers from New York who call us every year to ship them dozens of dresses because they don't have our styles anywhere.

That's what madisonn ave. is for your child. A place they can feel special. 



Samantha Cassandra

samantha cassandra My husband, Joe, and I moved to Georgia in 2016 after meeting in college in Charlotte, NC. We've been married for 10 years and have 4 children. 

I've had a love of fashion since I can remember. I can tell you pretty much exactly what I was wearing for any event going all the way back to my kindergarten graduation (a navy polka dot dress with a white sailor collar). While my style has taken a backseat the past few years #momlife, I have loved dressing my kiddos. 

I remember shopping for clothes for middle school dances and special events, and how hard it was to find something my mom and I agreed on. I want girls to come in and enjoy shopping in our store and find something both mom and daughters love. We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy shopping. So come in, say hi and make yourself at home.  


Rockstar Manager

Myriah Marcus

Myriah Marcus

Myriah is our talented hardworking manager.

She is the heart, soul and backbone of Madi Ave. She is what makes our store so special.

Here’s a few facts about Myriah:

Favorite color: Any shade of blue

Favorite food: Cookies

Hometown: Woodstock

Favorite thing at madisonn ave. right now: I could write a list of things I love about Madi Ave, but my favorite are my customers. I have been here for 5 years and over those 5 years, I have met so many amazing people. My customers are like family to me and I am glad I have gotten to see them and their families grow!

Myriah keeps everything running. She knows many of our customers by name and even what styles your kid might like!


Hidden Easter eggs at our store: 

These are well-kept secrets only our best customers know.

-We have a play table in our store so your kiddos can play while you shop

-We encourage your kids to pick up our toys in store and play with them. This isn't a boutique you walk in and must tiptoe around in.

-Birthday gift bags! Child's birthday? Come on in and get a free goodie bag. No purchase required!

-We have a very skilled monogrammer. She does a lot of work around the holidays. If you need something monogrammed in store, we can help. If it's not our clothes, we can give you her info.

-Need to try something on? We have dressing rooms that are spacious for you and your child.

-Follow our Instagram for special give-a-ways, sales, and modeling opportunities. 

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