Madi Ave Rewards

Earn Madi Ave Rewards When You Shop!

Our best customers not only get special, private invites, they also receive free gift cards, they're the top of the list for modeling our new clothes, and more!

To start earning rewards, you'll need to do 2 things:

1. Provide your email so we can track your points. Only provide 1 email. If you have multiple emails, your points will be spread out and there is no way to combine emails.

2. Create an account here so you can track your Orders, Your Gift Cards, Your Points and more.

Earn points when you shop, when you review, when you follow and more!

Get a free outfit EVERY YEAR at our highest tiers!

You can earn points when you shop IN STORE AND ONLINE. They all are accumulated together. That's pretty cool. Again, make sure it's all under one email address. Your points will deposit in your account the following 1-3 business days. The points hold no monetary value and can only be used to cash in for cash back on a purchase.

You can even use your points in-store! When you checkout, our Madi Ave associate can see all your points and will ask if you want to use your points. Because WE WANT you to use your points again and again!

Your points are ongoing. There's no limit to how many you can earn.

As you spend more, you can also unlock EVEN MORE rewards! As your spending accumulates, you can unlock VIP and Diamond status tiers.

Our VIP and Diamond members are our best customers. They receive the most preferential treatment and we give them regular bonuses and opportunities the regular customers don't get.

See the different Tiers below!

Your "Tier" lasts for 24 months. After which, it resets back to Family. We do this to make sure only our most active customers get access to the best benefits. If you're active with us for years to come, you won't have to worry!

Madi Ave Rewards

Find your point balance in the rewards box in the bottom right of your screen!



I've shopped with you a bunch, do I get to start with any points?

No. Everyone starts with zero. Everyone starts at the MA Family tier. It'd be too complicated to go through tens of thousands of orders and manually add rewards to individuals. There are customers who spent $1000+ in the past 7 days who also start with 0!

What if I unsubscribe from your emails, will I still get rewards?

Of course, but you won't receive the emails about VIP events, your bonus gift cards, etc. You'll only be able to login and use your points.

I only shop in-store in Woodstock, not online. Can I still use points in-store?

YES! When we pull up your name, we can see right away on our end how many points you have and whether you can get cash back on your order! You can use your points online or in-store, it's that flexible!

Where do I check my point balance?

Online. After you create an account and login, there's a "REWARDS" tab on the bottom right of the page, click and see how many points you have! Also, you can see how to earn more and redeem them online if you wish.

Do I need to create an account to start earning points?

NO! You can shop right now and earn points. Creating an account makes it easier for you to check your points, earn additional bonus points, view your past orders and more. You can always ask an associate at check-out your point balance.

PLEASE do not use the website "Chat" to ask how many points you have as we don't have enough hands to manage that.