Custom outfit tailored to your girl (FREE to request)

Finding outfits for a picky daughter with little time is the story of a mom's life. 

Is your daughter wanting help to find the perfect outfit and they get frustrated by your suggestions?

Are you struggling to agree on clothes you both love?

Do you have an event, dance, holiday, or party coming up fast and need an outfit they can wear again and again?

Madi Ave is here to help! We are the ultimate hype girls!  We know what's in style and would love to help your daughter as she grows. 

You can spend more hours at Target going through racks of clothes she won't like or worn by 10 other girls...


Let us put together an outfit for her absolutely free.

No obligation to buy. Just ideas to help you, and if you like it and want to buy, that's great too. 

You can come into the store, obviously. 

But... it might be easier to start right here on this page. 

See, I've put together a quick questionnaire that can jumpstart the process. We can be pulling out ideas for you this week. 

The first step?

Fill out this form (it's free) and we will reach out to help you.

The form is only 6 questions.

We can style the outfit for you virtually or in-store at our location in DT Woodstock.

A brand new outfit is perfect for:

  • Specials events,
  • Change of season,
  • Girls with sensory issues who do better shopping in a quieter environment, and
  • Girls who could use a confidence boost.

 We've been open for 7 years with dozens of 5-star reviews because we are happy to give personalized service to you.

So many moms have told us after we helped them what a confidence boost this was for their daughters.

What if she doesn't need an outfit right now? 

We can help with simple top ideas for school, a dress idea for church. It doesn't need to be a complete outfit. 

If you're unsure if we can help, just fill out the form below, I'm certain there's something we can suggest. 


Even if it's just a simple accessory to go with an outfit she already owns. 

Service is our #1 difference between us and the big box department store. You can't find this help anywhere else except in a small boutique like ours.



  1. Fill out this form (It's only 6 questions)

  2. Our owner (Sam) or manager (Myriah) will email after viewing your submission with the first ideas.
  3. We can create outfits top to bottom including shoes, or just a simple dress, top idea, accessory suggestion or more. You don't need to simply need a full outfit.
  4. We'll send you some ideas first to see what you like.
  5. OR --- we can schedule a time for you and your girl to come in to our store at 500 Chambers Street in DT Woodstock, Georgia.
  6. If you can't come in and wish to accept our suggestions, we can ship the items to your house too!
  7. If you do not like our suggestions, just send us a message, "thanks" and that's it.

We can help her find what styles work for her shape, and what colors look best with her hair, skin and eyes. We want HER to shine. Confidence is always in style. 

Click below to fill out the form. 

No requirement to purchase if you fill it out. Do know that our suggestions come from our stock as we personally hand-pick every item that goes on our floor.

Fill out the form here for free.

P.S. If you have multiple children from toddler to tween, add their info in the same form.